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Are you seeing an increase in stress and anxiety in our kids and fewer coping skills?

We provide artopia activities to help kids create their personal coping supports.

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Hi, I'm Teresa Hunt, Professional School Counselor and former Founder and Director of Gate City Kids Camp. My daughter Cassidy is majoring in art education. You could say mental health, art, and education are our passion!


As a school counselor since 1994, I have seen anxiety on the rise. Cassidy is a current college art education major, and she has shared tales of the anxiety kids are facing. She was a senior in high school in 2020 when the pandemic hit and she holds a unique kid experience on what that was like for herself and her peers.

Together, we are collaborating on artopia activities kids can participate in to create their personal coping supports. 

Summer camp experiences for kids entering grades 5th through 8th grade fall of 2022 will begin June of 2022.

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