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About Camp Copia

Hi, I'm Teresa Hunt, Professional School Counselor and former founder and director of Gate City Kids Camp. My daughter Cassidy is majoring in art education. You could say mental health, art, and education are our passion!

There seems to be less and less time to talk about coping skills in schools due to rigorous content standard demands that schools are trying to meet. More and more, we are seeing both parents needing to work to make ends meet for their family. Life lessons at the dinner table are becoming less common for our kids because of this.

Raising screenagers in this digital world is not an easy feat. The world is different today for kids growing up than it was for many of us in the 80's. Time demands on families, kids, and schools have been increasing every year and so is stress and anxiety in kids it seems. CAMP COPIA was developed to help kids stress less and create their personal coping supports through art.

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